To provide financial assistance for veterinary care for critically ill or injured dogs and cats on Cape Cod and the Islands when owners cannot afford treatment.

The Fund is named after Sampson, a very friendly, once homeless yellow cat. Sampson’s adoptive-owners made a modest donation to their veterinarian requesting that he use it to aid some less fortunate animal. The gift, in turn, generated the concept of a community supported fund to help other companion animals and strays receive critical veterinary care.


The Sampson Fund began with a gift and a simple idea. The gift was a modest monetary remembrance from the owner of Sampson, a Cape Cod cat. The owner wished that his gift be used to help someone else’s pet, someone who could not afford the full cost of veterinary care. The beginning idea was that if one person was willing to make a small donation, perhaps, within our community there would also be other caring people who would contribute in the same manner. Combining the donations would provide available funds to really make a difference. The Sampson Fund is the realization of that idea.

The Fund serves as a bridge between those in the community who believe in and wish to support the value of the human-animal bond and the veterinarians who provide care when illness and injury threaten to break that bond. The Sampson Fund’s purpose is to raise funds and work with local veterinarians to try to assure that financial assistance is available giving companion animals a chance to remain family members. We do this because we believe that the relationship which forms between owner and pet is mutually beneficial and deserves to be preserved. Our society benefits when children learn responsibility by caring for a pet or when elderly persons are comforted by the unwavering companionship of a four footed friend. The Sampson Fund tries to ensure that these relationships are able to continue.

We hope that our idea of a community based support for providing needed veterinary care to those in financial hardship may serve as a model for other communities.

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President: Patti Smith
Vice-President: Lottie Austin
Treasurer: Brad Pfeifer
Recording Secretary: Laurie Pfeifer

Christopher S. Donner, VMD
Joan Goffi, DVM

Robert S. Carroll
Christopher S. Donner, VMD
Lisa Guyon
Danni Jesudowich
William Kaser, DVM